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Italiano: spinetta
Nederlands: spinetten
Main Wikipedia article: Virginal#Spinet virginals
“Spinet virginals (not to be confused with the spinet) were made principally in Italy (Italian: spinetta), England and Flanders (Dutch: spinetten). The keyboard is placed left of centre, and the strings are plucked at one end, although further from the bridge than in the harpsichord. This is the more common arrangement for modern instruments, and an instrument described simply as a "virginal" is likely to be a spinet virginals. ...”
—English Wikipedia article: Virginal#Spinet virginals
Italian Flemish English
  • Invariably projected from the case.
  • Recessed in a keywell.
In general
  • Very few are surviving.
  • Generally follow the Flemish construction,
  • but with a vaulted lid.
  • Made of cypress wood
  • Delicate manufacture.
  • Made of poplar.
  • Usually more stoutly constructed.

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