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English information - Please order first all the files by country. Then use Category: Stairs for simple stairs inside buildings, and for all the daughter categories; Category: Staircases for large or monumental stairs inside buildings; Category: Outside stairs for stairs and staircases outdoor to private or public buildings; Category: Stairways for streets and footpaths with steps; Category: Stair ramps for bizarre ramp staircases in buildings or churches, or wide outside routes with large steps that can also be traveled on horseback; Category: Spiral stairs for spiral staircases; Category: Fire escapes for emergency stairs; Category: Escalators for escalators; Category:Ladders for ladders.

Čeština: Točité schody
English: Spiral stairs, helical stairs, spiral staircases, spiral stairways.
Italiano: Scala a chiocciola; Scala elicoidale
Português: Escada em caracol
scala a chiocciola 
tipo di scala
Sottoclasse di scala
Data della scoperta o invenzione 480 a.C.
Controllo di autorità
identificativo GND: 4189623-3
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