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English: A group of sculptures - three pairs of animals (felines, rams, and horses), and a bixi turtle with a stele - located south of the Tomb of Kong Yanjin, a 59th-generation Duke Yansheng, in the Cemetery of Confucius (Kong Lin). The stele not being legible in the photos, I am not sure if this group is a southern extension of Kong Yanjin's spirit way, or a spirit way of some earlier Duke Yansheng. Neither hypothesis is quite satisfactory, considering the usual layout of the spirit ways of the Ming-era Dukes of Yansheng in this part of the cemetery. In the former case, Kong Yanjin will end having two bixi turtles, unlike all of his neighbors. In the latter case, it is not clear where that "southern neighbor's" own grave was: it has to be north of his bixi, but there is not much space between his bixi and Kong Yanjin's archway where that "southern neighbor's" tomb, as well as the usual stele in front of the tomb and a pair of guardian figures would fit.