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Deutsch: Der Spodek oder auch Spodik ist eine hohe, oben flache Pelzmütze von konischer Form. Im Gegensatz zum Schtreimel ist der Spodik, von dem es mehrere Varianten gibt, länglich, groß, schlank und eher zylindrisch. Der Spodik wurde in Südrussland, Polen und Galizien von bestimmten Bevölkerungsgruppen (Juden, Kosaken) getragen.
English: A spodik is a tall fur hat worn by some Haredi Hasidic Jews, particularly members of sects originating in Congress Poland. Spodiks should not be confused with shtreimels, which are a similar type of hat also worn by Hasidim. Shtreimels are shorter, wider, and circular shaped. Spodiks on the other hand are long, tall, thin, and cylindrical. There are many types of spodiks, some quite similar to the shtreimel.

Other groups that wear Spodiks include Alexander, Amshinov, Ashlag, Kotzk, Lublin, Modzitz, Ozrov-Henzin, and Radzin.

A kolpik is a type of traditional headgear worn in families of many Chassidic Rebbes (Hasidic rabbis), by unmarried children on Shabbat, and by Rebbes on special occasions. It is made from brown fur, as opposed to a spodik, worn by Polish chassidic dynasties, which is fashioned out of black fur.

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