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English: The Megadekka was a high capacity double-decker introduced in the UK by Stagecoach Group. Marketed as "Britain's Biggest Bus", it was a tri-axle version of the Alexander RL bodied Leyland Olympian, producing a very high seating capacity. Three such buses were built and delivered in 1989, with one going to the Glasgow subsidiary Stagecoach MagicBus (fleet no.1, reg. F110 NES), and two others to Stagecoach Cumberland (1201, F201 FHH & 1202, F202 FHH). Magicbus 1 was later renumbered 14000 in the national scheme, while 1201 became 14239 and 1202 became 14240.

No other examples were ordered, but in the early 2000s the company did re-import some other contemporary examples built by Alexander and others, from Hong Kong - see Second-hand Hong Kong tri-axle buses imported to the United Kingdom.

No. 1 / 14000 later saw service with the Stagecoach subsidiaries East Midland and United Counties (Bedford). It entered service with Megadekka branding over the original corporate Stagecoach livery of white with orange/red/blue stripes. It was later repainted into the second corporate livery minus any branding. It has since been preserved as part of Stagecoach in Bedford's heritage fleet, restored to original livery and branding.

No.s 1201/14239 & 1202/14240 also entered service in the striped corporate livery, but without Megadekka branding. They were later used to launch the Megabus long distance low cost express services, being repainted in the dedicated yellow and blue livery. Both were then transferred to Stagecoach Glasgow and painted in the second corporate livery, with X25 Express (Cumbernauld - Glasgow) branding. While on the X25 they were operated using ex-Routemaster registration plates, 14239 as WLT 727 and 14240 as WLT 794. They were then transferred to Stagecoach Manchester for use on Magic Bus low cost bus routes, being repainted in that operations blue and yellow livery. They were then sold by Stagecoach and returned to Glasgow, to WJC Buses, who removed the Magic Bus branding but retained the allover blue livery.


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