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Federated Malay States Districts Labeled 1922.PNG
British North Borneo

The postal history of the contemporary Malaysia contains several philatelistic collection areas:

- Straits Settlements (existed as British colony 1826-1946, association of the four native states of Malacca, Dinding, Penang, and Singapore, 1907-1912 also Labuan) )
own stamps: 1895-1946
- Federated Malay States (existed from 1895 until 31 March 1946, consisted of the states of the British colony "Straits Settlements" inclusively "Malacca", "Penang" and "Singapur")
own stamps: 1867-1937 (single stamps of an each state); 1900-1925 (inscription or overprint "Federated Malay States")
- Malayan Union (existed from 1 April 1946 until 31 January 1948)
own stamps: unknown
- Unfederated Malayian States (existed 1946-1963, association of the five Sultanates: Sumatra, Kelantan, Kedah, Trenggame, Perlis )
own stamps 1946-1963 (Attention: The so-called "Vienna Issue" was a private, not authorized issue, printed in Vienna in 1946.)
- Federation Malaya
own stamps: 1957-1959
- Japanese occupation (1942-1945 in parts of the Malaysian territory))
own stamps: 1942-1945
- British Military Administration (existed in the course of the Second World War as counterpart of the Japanese occupation, mostly overprint “B.M.A.” on former stamps)
own stamps in 1945
- North Borneo (was 1882-1946 British Protectorate; 1946-1963 British Crown Colony)
own stamps: 1883-1963
- Labuan (island before the coast of Borneo)
own stamps: 1879-1904 (autonomous separate territory 1912-1963, 1963-1965 a part of the "Federation of Malaysia", since 1965 from "Malaysia")
- Penang or Pulau Pinang (= the former "Prince of Wales Island" + the "Province Wellesley" (= the native state "Sebarang Perai"))
stamps of the British colony "Straits Settlements" or "Federated Malay States"
- Sungei Ujong
own stamps: 1880-1895
- Singapore has issued own stamps:
  • as part of the British colony "Straits Settlements" to 1942
  • during Japanese occupation, 1942-1945
  • under British Military Administration, 1945-1946
  • as British crown colony, 1946-1959
  • with autonomous self-government, 1959-1963
  • as part of the "Federation of Malaysia", 1963-1965
  • independence from 4 August 1965
- Malaysia (independent constitutional Monarchy, actually, since 1965, The contemporary Malaysia contains 13 Malay states more or lesser independent in former time as well as three "federal territories".)

- Stamps of the contemporary Malaysia are copyright for 50 years from the year of issue: {{PD-Malaysia}}.
- for Singapore: 70 years at unknown author: {{PD-SG-unknownauthor}},
- as stamp under British sovereignty: {{PD-UKGov}}


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