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The frontiers of the Saarland in historical times
Flag of the "Saargebiet", 1920 - 1935
The "Saarbecken" according to the Treaty of Versailles (1920-1935)
Flag of the "Saarland", 1947 - 1955)
The contemporary Saarland
Flag of the "Saarland" since 1956

The contemporary area of the "Saarland" was:
- 1815 - 1868: part of the Kingdom of Prussia (stamps with country-name "Preussen")
- 1868 - 1871: part of the North German Confederation (stamps of the "Norddeutscher Postbezirk")
- 1871 – 1920: the "Saarrevier" (later: "Saargebiet") as part of "Elsass-Lothringen" and as such part of the German Empire
   (stamps with country-name "Deutsche Reichs-Post" or "Reichspost" or "Deutsches Reich'")
   The then Saarland as common economy area to the French border (German: „Gemeinsamer Wirtschaftsraum bis zur französischen Grenze“).
   In 1920, the Saargebiet was composed of the greatest part of the then Prussian "Rheinprovinz" and parts of the Bavarian "Rheinpfalz".
- 1918 - 1920: French occupation: stamps with overprint "Saargebiet", Mark-currency (stamps of the "Saargebiet" with Mark-currency)
- 1920 - 1935: "Saargebiet" as French protectorate according to the Treaty of Versailles (part III, article 4), the area was named "Saarbecken"
- from 1 June 1923 until 28 February 1935: the French currency as single permitted currency in the "Saargebiet" (stamps of the "Saargebiet" with Franc-currency)
- : plebiscite for the futural political status of the "Saargebiet" (according to the Treaty of Versailles)
- : re-incorporation of the "Saargebiet" to the German Empire, but as new political entity with the name "Saarland" (stamps of Nazi-Germany with country name: "Deutsches Reich")
- until 21 March 1945: complete occupation of the Saarland by the US Army, later was the area allocated to the French occupation zone of Germany (stamps of the German Empire (stamps of Nazi-Germany with country name: "Deutsches Reich" with overprints)
- from 4 May 1945 until 6 September 1949: the "Saarland" as quasi-protectorate of France (stamps with country-name "Saarland" or "Deutsche Post")
- from 7 September 1949 until 31 December 1955: the "Saarland" as autonomous area under French protection (created 1947); the Saarland-people with own citizenship ("Saarois") and currency ("Saarmark") (stamps with "Deutsche Bundespost - Saarland")
- : plebiscite for the futural status of the Saarland
- from 1 January 1957 until 2 October 1990: The Saarland after “re-incororation of the Saarland under German sovereignty" (stamps with "Deutsche Bundespost")
- from 3 October 1990: The Saarland as part of the re-unified Germany (stamps with country-name "Deutschland")


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