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Near the Kilimanjaro, 1930
A British map of the Tanganjika territory
- Tanganjika (spelling 1935-1961: "Tanganyika") was a British protectorate existed 1921-1961 in East Africa.
- The British protectorate Tanganjika was formed in 1921 from the most part of the territory of the former German colony "Deutsch-Ostafrika" (DOA) after the there occupation by British military units during the WWI.
- The British were awarded the mandate for the administration of this territoy by the League of Nations in 1921. They exercised the there state control to 1961.
- In 1935 was changed the name from "Tanganjika" to "Tanganyika" and the territory of the protectorate was integrated in the "Custom Union of Kenya and Uganda". Among others were all until to then valid stamps replaced by stamps with the country name "Kenya, Uganda, and Tanganyika".
- In 1946, the British mandate for the state administration of this territory was renewed by an mandate of the "United Nations".
- In 1961, the British mandate ended and begin of the independent United Republic of Tanzania ("Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania").
- Currency: 1915(1921)-1964: "British Shilling"; 1964-1966: "East African Schilling"; since 1966: "Tanzania Shilling" (TZS) ("Shilingi ya Tanzania"; 1 TZS = 100 Senti)

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