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Abtei St. Hildegard, Rüdesheim, Nave and Sanctuary b 20140922 1.jpg

Laienrefektorium, Kloster Eberbach 20140903 1.jpg

Stitched Interior by DXR (Category)

The photograph above is a stitched interior image which was created by me, Daniel Vorndran, and uploaded here as User:DXR.
You are allowed to use the image free of charge as long as you follow the rules laid out by the licence found in the box below.
I am happy to provide reworked versions (crops etc.) of my panoramics if this is useful for use in other projects. Feel free to contact me here.

Please note:

  • The majority of my recent panoramics are taken using a Nodal Ninja 4 panoramic head and PTGui Pro as stitching and HDR processing software. In most cases the images consist of between nine and twenty mosaic views and five different exposures each, separated by 2 EV.
  • Panoramics cannot always be perfect representations of reality since the creator has to make choices with respect to the projection used, none of which can perfectly reproduce the way a scene is perceived by human eyes. This is especially true for large angles of view.
  • Despite my efforts to produce high quality images, I cannot rule out some imperfections such as parallax errors.

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