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English: Some Southern Vectis bus drivers went on strike on three days in September 2009. The first strike was on Thursday 3 September, the second and third on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 September respectively. The last two strikes were planned to affect all bus services (including extra ones provided) over the weekend of the Bestival music festival. The strike had little effect, as only a handful of drivers from one union decided to strike (others went to work), managing staff drove buses, and Southern Vectis brought in staff from the mainland, which meant most services ran quite smoothly. Nevertheless, there were some effects, with some routes running as "shuttle services" instead of to timetable, and route 1 not serving Cowes Pontoon. In addition, any bus was put out on any route. The images in the category (at the time of writing), are only from Cowes on the 3 September strike.

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