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English: Walters manuscript W.642 is an illuminated copy of the well-known poem (masnavi) Subhat al-abrar (The rosary of the righteous) by Nur al-Din 'Abd al-Rahman ibn Ahmad Jami (died 898 AH/AD 1492), produced in Safavid Iran. The text, written in Nasta'liq script, was copied by Haydar al-Husayni in 965 AH/AD 1557-1558, according to the Arabic colophon (fol. 112a). The manuscript opens with an illuminated double-page incipit inscribed with the title of the work and the author's name. The subsequent pages have decorated borders and gold-sprinkled margins. The dark brown goatskin binding, which is original to the manuscript, has light brown doublures decorated with filigree work on a multi-colored ground. The original shelfmark of 3934 is inscribed on the tail edge of the codex.