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English: The Surprise Canyon Formation, a thin, channel-fill sequence, upon the surface of the (high-cliff-walled, red)-Redwall Limestone in Grand Canyon, Arizona, Southwest United States. Some example,specific landforms along Inner Gorge (West Granite Gorge), below Grand Canyon Village, are: Bradley Point, Demaray Point, (prominence region)-Howlands Butte, (same)-Hawkins Butte, (south ridges)-Buddha Temple, (south ridges)-Zoroaster Temple; (en:Isis Temple-(the en:horst), not found, must have been a high point). Also from the South Rim, (north base)-en:Newton Butte, Lyell Butte. (the formation is quite prevalent in many landforms (but not all), in the Grand Canyon Village, Inner Gorge region)

Member sequence (Redwall, top-to-bottom):

Bb--Surprise Canyon Formation-(where present upon Redwall)
Ba--Redwall Limestone
((en:Tonto Group, units 3,2,1--(3)Muav Limestone, (2)Bright Angel Shale, (1)en:Tapeats Sandstone))
(A3D)--(where present)--Temple Butte Formation
3-of-3--en:Muav Limestone
(oldest-(bottom of sequences))
The sequence will often be: (youngest-(top)) Supai Group-(1-of-4, Watahomigi Formation), Surprise Canyon Formation, Redwall Limestone, (Temple Butte Formation-where found), and en:Muav Limestone, (unit 3 of 3 of the Tonto Group).


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