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 • Photos of 'static' or 'standing' partial trains without a locomotive (technically 'uncoupled consists' in rail road terminology) should be categorized in category:Train consists or one of it's sub-categories; those with a loco, as a Trains sub-category.
•  Photos of or featuring 'single' train cars (train wagons in UK English railway terminology) should be categorized under category:Traincar types, category:Rolling stock, category:Locomotives or one or more of their appropriate sub-categories. Steam locos and tenders should be listed in Locomotives and consists.
•  whilst train consists in motion, 'non-static' or moving trains—no matter how short, should be sorted into one of the specific sub-categories of the main category, Trains (an over-populated main category).
•  Passenger yard scenes are properly classified best into a sub-category of category:Train stations, whilst rail yards goto 'rail yards in country' sub-categories of category:Rail yards by country.


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