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  • Star of David : The six-pointed Star of David, a symbol of Judaism, is frequently found on Jewish tombstones.
  • Cohanim Hands – Priestly Blessing : Two hands with outspread fingers indicated that the dead man was descended from priestly stock (Kohanim) who blessed the people in this fashion
  • Ewer : Levite pitcher (and bowl)
  • the shofar (ram's horn) indicating that the deceased was a blower of the shofar
  • deer : people whose name is Zvi, Hirsch or Naftali (deer representing the tribe of Naphtali)
  • lion : people whose name is Aryeh, Judah, Leib or Loew (lion representing the tribe of judah)
  • bear : people whose name is Dov and Ber.
  • wolf : representing the Tribe of Benjamin
  • books : an open book indicates the presence of a rabbi, an officiating minister, or just a scholar
  • bookshelves : groups of books, sometimes arranged in an open bookcase, or on shelves.
  • fish : zodiac sign for the month of Adar
  • menorah : one of the oldest symbols of Judaism
  • candles : one of the most accepted symbols of the woman. The candle was lit by the Jewish woman. Most of the candlesticks have three branches but there are ones with two, five and more. A broken candle on a gravestone symbolizes an early death, at a young age.
  • crown
  • tree : A broken tree or branch is a sign that the deceased was young at the time of death
  • bird : appears on the gravestones of many women
  • grapes : cluster of grapes is an emblem of Israel.


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