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(bs) Stablo parsiranja · (cs) Derivační strom · (de) Syntaxbaum · (fa) نمودار درختی (زبانشناسی) · (fr) Arbre syntaxique · (hr) Stablo parsiranja · (it) Parse tree · (ja) 構文木 · (ko) 파스 트리 · (la) Arbor syntactica concreta · (nl) Syntaxisboom · (pl) Drzewo składni · (pt) Árvore de análise sintática · (sh) Stablo parsiranja · (sr) Дрво извођења · (sv) Parseträd · (uk) Синтаксичне дерево · (zh) 剖析樹 · +/−

A concrete syntax tree, or parse tree, or parsing tree is an ordered, rooted tree that represents the syntactic structure of a string according to some formal grammar.

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