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  • English: Tabula Iliaca: relief with illustrations drawn from the Homeric poems and the Epic Cycle–here from the Ilioupersis, the Iliad, the Little Iliad and the Æthiopis. The Greeks are issuing from the wooden horse (ΔΟΥΡΗΟΣ ΙΠΠΟΣ) and have already begun the massacre. On the steps of the temple itself Ajax is dragging Cassandra by the hair, while she vainly implores the help of the goddess. A Trojan archer lurking behind the temple aims his bow at Ajax. Outside the precinct are other Greeks, who have been let in at the gates, hastening to the fight.
  • Français : Table iliaque : bas-relief illustrant des scènes des poèmes homériques et du Cycle épique – ici, de l’Ilioupersis, de l’Iliade, de la Petite Iliade et de l’Éthiopide. Calcaire, œuvre romaine, Ier siècle av. J.-C.

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