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English: A Taiaha is a traditional weapon of the Māori people of New Zealand. Usually between 5 to 6 in length, it is a wooden close quarters weapon used for short sharp strikes or stabbing thrusts. It has three main parts: the arero (tongue), used for stabbing the opponent and parrying, the upoko (head), the base from which the tongue protrudes, and the ate (liver), the long flat blade which is also used for striking and parrying.
<nowiki>Taiaha; タイアハ; Taiaha; Taiaha; Taiaha; Taiaha; טאיאהה; Taiaha; Taiaha; Taiaha; Taiaha; Taiaha; taiaha; طايحة; 泰阿哈; Taiaha; close-quarters staff weapon of Māori; arme traditionnelle Maori; close-quarters staff weapon of Māori; Opis broni z ,którą nie warto się spotkać; traditionelle Waffe der Maori; سلاح تقليدي ماوري</nowiki>
close-quarters staff weapon of Māori
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