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  • Talbot vehicles — for cars built in France at Suresnes by Automobiles Talbot (1922–1935)
See Talbot-Darracq racing cars — for racing cars of this make
See Talbot Darracq or Darracq-Talbot — 1920 to 1922 while changing brand from Darracq to Talbot
See Darracq automobiles for cars built at Suresnes 1896 to 1920 and after 1922 — to avoid confusion with Talbot London cars by Clément-Talbot — when French Talbots were sold in Britain by Darracq Motor Engineering and in other right-hand-drive countries
See Talbot-Lago for cars built at Suresnes by Automobiles Talbot-Lago (1935–1959)
See Clement-Talbot vehicles for Talbot London cars built in England by Clement-Talbot Ltd (1903–1938)
See Talbot (PSA) for cars built by the PSA group (1979–1993)