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English: Upon the original paleo-continent (faulted, and a tilted section (en:Unkar Group, 10-15 degrees), the en:Marine transgression sequence of "sandstone(rock)-shale-limestone was started (after the en:Great Unconformity), with the erosion resistant, cliff-forming, en:Tapeats Sandstne. Bright Angel Shale and Muav Limestone, deposited upon it, all 3, parts of the en:Tonto Group. Today in inner eastern Grand Canyon, Granite Gorge-(Inner Gorge), and east, northeastwards, the (mostly horizontal) Tonto Platform is formed: based upon the Tapeats Sandstone, over all the basement geologic units, underneath. Various trails traverse parts of the Tonto Platform, or cross it. The Tonto Platform follows feeder canyons, washes, creeks, etc and is thus dendritic, like a tree-form.

Two "islands" of resistant rock mountain units (as in a Basin and Range-like Province), had the Tapeats Sandstone, deposited surrounding them. The units are the en:Cardenas Lava and the Shinumo Quartzite. Specific views of the 'fossil islands' are found in books, or from specific trail, trailhead viewpoints.


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