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Deutsch: Tartsche, Polnischer Schild
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Português: Escudos heráldicos do tipo alemão ou polaco.

Overview: HerbTarczaPL XVc.svgGothic style Coa Illustration Shield Targe 2.svgLate XIV., “German shield” (one-sided) Coa Illustration Shield Renaissance 2.svgRenaissance, early form Coa Illustration Shield Renaissance.svgLate Renaissance/Baroque HerbTarczaPL XVIa.svgXVI. Austrian-Hungarian spanish round base HerbTarczaPL XVIIa.svgXVII. polish style, italian base HerbTarczaPL XVIIIa.pngRokokko, asymetric revival Polish Escutcheon.svg“Polish shield”, modern heraldic template HerbTarczaPL XVIIb.pngTarged frame (XVII.)


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