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The Taupata was a ship owned by my father John Collier a New Zealander, Murray France an Australian and Mort Kendall an American. It was sailed down from Nelson in the early 1960's , 1967 I think, to Lytellton in the South Island of New Zealand. There it was fitted out with large freezers to hold catches of Crayfish. The Taupata left in 1967 when I was 6 years old to sail to the Chatham Islands to catch crayfish. After this it then sailed to the Seychelle islands to catch crayfish. The boat was attacked by pirates and stories I heard were about the ships which were attached to the back of the mothership (Taupata) were cut loose by pirates. Another story we heard was that the crew were jailed in Reunion as they reached the island as the independence celebrations were on and they were seen as a threat to the security of the nation. After this the Taupata went over to Australia and was refuelled at Fremantle. it was then used as a pearl lugger, maybe near Broome, and was also maintained at Ballina as it made its way around Australia. We believe it was also used as a seafood or prawn trawler. around the Gulf of Carpenteria. As well, it was sold to a fishing company in Port Moresby. We cant find it after this...have looked up the Lloyds supplement as it says that the Taupata was listed as a pleasure craft in the 1980's. The Taupata was also seen somewhere around Sydney in the 1970's or 1980's. Where is she now? Does anyone have any leads? My Dad is now 77 and I would like to find her to show him! Dad said that the ship diver may know where she is......if you have any further information email or

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