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Français : Illustrations pour l'enseignement
A General Illustration of a sport
Sports (Gymnastics) teaching illustration
This category schema is for organization of images used to convey concepts or ideas. 
It should be considered a main category with images slotted in appropriate subcategories by pedagogical subject field in Teaching illustrations by subject or similar subcategories by a schema such as illustrations in languages or blank teaching illustrations, which like blank maps, can be readily adapted to other languages needs.

English: Illustrations which are NOT designed and produced to be overtly educational should be placed in a subcategory of General illustrations like for example those under Illustrations by subject, and such would normally be suitable for use in a generic publication such as a news magazine or illustration in a children's book without being pedagogical in purpose... such as the image at top right.
  • Categories and illustrations located here and within any subcategories should be a educational illustration such as that sports topic drawing illustrated at the bottom right.
  • The list of subcategories in this category and that of Illustrations will necessarily be very similar, but Teaching is a sister category type and is not a subcategory type of Illustrations. (Both are subcategorized under Educational illustrations
Français : Illustrations pour l'enseignement. Pour les illustrations génériques, utilisez une des sous-catégories de Illustrations


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