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English: Beelshamen (Baal-Shamin), also known as Shamayim (or Sulayman) "lord of the heavens", was a supreme deity and the sky god of pre-Islamic Palmyra in ancient Syria.

The exact etymology of the name "Palmyra" is unknown, although some scholars believe it was related to the palm trees in the area. Others, however, believe it may have come out of an incorrect translation of the name "Tadmor" (cf. Colledge, Seyrig, Starcky, and others). The city was first mentioned in the archives of Mari in the second millennium BC. It was another trading city in the extensive trade network that linked Mesopotamia and northern Syria. Tadmor is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (Second Book of Chronicles 8:4) as a desert city built (or fortified) by the King Solomon of Judea:

There had been a temple at Palmyra for 2000 years before the Romans ever saw it. Its form, a large stone-walled chamber with columns outside, was much closer to the sort of thing attributed to Solomon than to anything Roman. It is mentioned in the Bible as part of Solomon's Kingdom. In fact, it says he built it. -Terry Jones and Alan Ereira, Terry Jones' Barbarians, p. 183

In 2015, the temple was demolished by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) after the capture of Palmyra during the Syrian Civil War.
<nowiki>Tempio di Baalshamin; Temple de Baalshamin; Templo de Baal-Shamin; temple de Baal Shamin; معبد بعل شمين; معبد بعل شمين; معبد بالشمین; Храм Баалшамина; Tempel van Baalsamin; Heiligtum des Baalshamin; Đền Baalshamin; Храм Баалшаміна; ბაალშამინიშ ოხიდა; 巴爾夏明神廟; Kuil Baalshamin; ბაალშამინის ტაძარი; バールシャミン神殿; Templo de Baal-Shamin; Templo de Baalshamin; Baalshamintemplet; מקדש בעל שמין בתדמור; Баал-Шамін; Temple of Baalshamin; Temple of Baalshamin; वेल मंदिर; Baalshamin Tapınağı; 바알샤민 신전; Temple of Baalshamin; Temple of Baalshamin; Kuil Baalshamin; பால்சமீன் கோயில்; edificio religioso in Palmira; bangunan kuil di Suriah; Tempel of heiligdom; Храм 131-го года постройки; archäologische Stätte in Syrien; Temple in Palmyra, Syria; Temple in Palmyra, Syria; موقع أثري في سوريا; tempel in antieke Palmyra; バアルシャミン遺跡; Si' temple de Baal Shamin; temple de Baal Shamin; معبدبعل شمين; Tempel van Baal Sjamin; Tempel van Baal-Shamin</nowiki>
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Temple in Palmyra, Syria
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