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English: 1958 recording of Harry Patch's The Bewitched, conducted by John Garvey.
    • Castor: Georgia Mayer
    • Chorus: William Olson
    • Pollux: Barbara Grammer
    • Witch: Freda Schell
  • Instruments
    • Bass Clarinet: Joseph Firrantello
    • Cello: Peter Farrell
    • Clarinet: Warren Birkett
    • Koto: Carol Zuckerberg
    • Bass Marimba: Warren Smith
    • Boo (bamboo Marimba): Thomas Gauger
    • Chromelodeon: Herbert Bielawa
    • Cloud-chamber Bowls: George Andrix
    • Diamond Marimba: Danlee Mitchell
    • Kithara 1: Sanford Berry
    • Kithara 2: Jan Bach
    • Marimba Eroica, Voice, Leader: William Olson
    • Spoils Of War: Michael Donzella
    • Surrogate Kithara: Jack McKenzie
    • Piccolo Flute: Charles DeLaney