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Illustrations in the book The Nude: A Study in Ideal Form by Kenneth Clark.

Кеннет Кларк. Нагота в искусстве


  • №2: Pablo Picasso. The bathers (drawing). Fogg Museum[1]
  • №13: Primaticcio Francesco. Vénus du Belvédère. Vers 1540. Louvre (inv. MR3277)[2]
  • №17: Scene in palaestra. Red figure pottery (kylix?) (5th century BC), British museum[3]
  • №28: Mercury (Discophorus). Louvre, No. 85 Br 183[4]
  • №53: Mirror's handle, "Aphrodite". Greece, early 4th century BC. Glyptothek Munich[5]
  • №54: Greek vase. 4th century BC. Berlin museums[6]
  • №55: Greek vase. C. 500 BC. Louvre[7]
  • №56: Attic terracota doll, 5th c. BC. Louvre[8]
  • №62, 63: Bronze figure of woman, c. 400 BC. Glyptothek Munich[9]
  • №69: Bronze figure of Aphrodite fastening a necklace. 2-1 century BC, British museum, inv. 1865,0103.37[10]
  • №70: Venus of Cyrene. Museo delle Terme, Roma[11]
  • №72: Three graces. Relief, Louvre[12]

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