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Deutsch: Die sieben Todsünden.
English: The Seven Deadly Sins (or the Seven Vices): A concept going back to catalogues first compiled by theologians like 4th century Greek monk Evagrius of Pontus, consolidated by 6th century pope Gregory the Great (Moralia in Iob) and medieval scholar Saint Thomas Aquinas (Summa Theologiae) into a list of seven sins permanently barring the human soul from salvation and paradise: gluttony, greed (avarice), sloth, pride, lust (lechery), envy, and anger (wrath).

The Seven Deadly Sins are contrasted by the Seven Virtues: abstinence, liberality, diligence, humility, chastity, kindness, and patience.[1]

Italiano: I Sette Vizi Capitali (Accidia, Avarizia, Gola, Invidia, Ira, Lussuria, Superbia).


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