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English: The Works 53°57′36.18″N 1°5′42.72″W / 53.96005°N 1.0952°W / 53.96005; -1.0952 is the engineering workshop inside the National Railway Museum in York. It is housed in the southern part of the building that also houses the Warehouse (occupying the northern part). The whole building is adjacent to both the southern and eastern walls of the Great Hall.

At ground level the workshop has three inspection pits, fed from rail tracks that enter the works through three internal roller doors in the south wall of the Great Hall, inside which they merge to then leave through one exit door 53°57′38.4″N 1°5′44.84″W / 53.960667°N 1.0957889°W / 53.960667; -1.0957889 in the east wall of the Great hall, at its corner with the north wall of the Warehouse/Workshop building.

Visitors are able to walk along a mezzanine level gangway that runs along the west wall, and then diagonally over the south west corner, and finally along the southern wall, of the workshop area, allowing them to view work taking place below and beneath them. Access to this gallery is through a door in the south wall of the hall, reached from ground level by an inclinator in the hall. At the other end of the gallery, it connects to a viewing balcony 53°57′36.38″N 1°5′40.32″W / 53.9601056°N 1.0945333°W / 53.9601056; -1.0945333 in the south west exterior corner of the warehouse/works building. This allows visitors to view the northern track approaches to York railway station from a high enough height to appreciate the track layout.