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Deutsch: Thomas Becket, auch bekannt als Thomas von Canterbury oder Thomas Beckett, (* 21. Dezember 1118 in London; † 29. Dezember 1170 in Canterbury) war englischer Lordkanzler und von 1162 bis 1170 Erzbischof von Canterbury.
English: Thomas Becket (December 21, 1118 – December 29, 1170) was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 to 1170. He engaged in a conflict with King Henry II over the rights and privileges of the Church and was assassinated by followers of the king in Canterbury Cathedral. He is also commonly known as Thomas à Becket, although some consider this incorrect.
Tomás Becket (es); Thomas Becket (ms); Thomas Becket (en-gb); Томас Бекет (bg); Thomas Becket (ro); 托馬斯·貝克特 (zh-hk); Thomas Becket (sv); Святий Томас Бекет (uk); 托馬斯·貝克特 (zh-hant); 托马斯·贝克特 (zh-cn); 토머스 베켓 (ko); Thomas Becket (eo); Томас Бекет (mk); Thomas Becket (fr); Toma Becket (hr); Thomas Becket (vi); Tomass Bekets (lv); Thomas Becket (af); Томас Бекет (sr); Tomás Becket (pt-br); 托马斯·贝克特 (zh-sg); Thomas Becket (nn); Thomas Becket (nb); Thomas Becket (en); توماس بيكيت (ar); Thomas Becket (br); Canterburyi Szent Tamás (hu); Thomas Becket (eu); Thomas Becket (ca); Thomas Becket (de); Томас Бекет (be); Թոմաս Բեքեթ (hy); 托马斯·贝克特 (zh); Thomas Becket (da); თომას ბეკეტი (ka); トマス・ベケット (ja); Thonmas Betchet (nrm); توماس بيكيت (arz); תומאס בקט (he); Thomas a Becket (la); Thomas Becket (fi); தாமஸ் பெக்கெட் (ta); Tommaso Becket (it); Thomas Becket (et); 托馬斯·貝克特 (zh-tw); 托马斯·贝克特 (zh-hans); Tomás Becket (pt); Thomas Becket (id); Thomas Becket (ga); Thomas Becket (sw); Thomas Becket (lt); Thomas Becket (sl); Thomas Becket (sh); Τόμας Μπέκετ (el); Tomáš Becket (cs); ทอมัส เบ็กเก็ต (th); Tomasz Becket (pl); Thomas Becket (cy); Thomas Becket (nl); Tomáš Becket (sk); تامس بکت (fa); Thomas Becket (tr); Thomas Becket (sco); Thomas Becket (gl); Томас Бекет (ru); Thomas Becket (vec); Thomas Becket (sq) arcivescovo cattolico inglese (it); saint catholique (fr); canterburyi érsek, Anglia prímása (hu); светец, канцелар на Англија и Архиепископ Кантербериски (mk); engelsk ärkebiskop av Canterbury 1162—1170 (sv); święty Kościoła katolickiego, arcybiskup Canterbury, kanclerz Anglii (pl); angla ĉefepiskopo; sanktulo laŭ anglikanismo kaj romkatolikismo (eo); theoloog uit Koninkrijk Engeland (1118-1171) (nl); Chancellor of England, Archbishop of Canterbury, saint (en); santo católico, arzobispo de Canterbury (es); studierter normannischer Laie, englischer Lordkanzler (1155–1162) und Erzbischof von Canterbury (1162–1170) (de); Santo da Igreja (pt); Chancellor of England, Archbishop of Canterbury, Saint (en-gb); قاضي بريطاني (ar); arcibiskup z Canterbury, lord kancléř, světec (cs); archiepiscopus Cantuariensis, cancellarius Regni Angliae et sanctus (la) Tomas Becket, Tomas Beckett, Santo Tomás de Canterbury, Tomas de Cantorbery, Tomás Beckett, Tomás Cantuariense, Santo Tomás Cantuariense, Tomás de Cantorbery, Tomas de Cantórbery, Santo Tomás Becket, Tomas Cantuariense, Santo Tomas Cantuariense, Tomas de Canterbury, Santo Tomas Becket, Tomás de Cantórbery, Thomas Becket, Santo Tomas de Canterbury (es); Thomas Becket, Becket Tamás (hu); Thomas Becket, Tomáš z Canterbury (sk); Thomas Becket (hr); Tomas Becket (eu); Sant Tomaz Becket (br); Saint Thomas Becket, Thomas de Cantorbéry, Saint Thomas de Cantorbéry, Thomas Beckett (fr); Фома Бекет, Фома Кентерберийский, Бекет Томас, Томас Беккет (ru); Thomas à Becket, Sv. Tomáš z Canterbury, Svatý Tomáš Becket, Sv. Tomáš Becket, Thomas Becket, Svatý Tomáš z Canterbury, Tomáš z Canterbury, Thomas of London, svatý Thomas Becket (cs); Thomas Beckett, Thomas von Canterbury, Thomas Cantuariensis (de); S. Thomas Becket, St. Tomás Becket, Santo Tomás Becket, Thomas de Canterbury, São Thomas Becket, Thomas Becket, St. Thomas Becket, Thomas Beckett, Santo Thomas Becket, S. Tomás Becket, São Tomás Becket (pt); Thomas à Becket (ga); Thomas à Becket, St Thomas of Canterbury, นักบุญทอมัสแห่งแคนเตอร์บรี, Thomas of Canterbury, St Thomas Becket, Thomas Beckett, ทอมัสแห่งแคนเตอร์บรี, St. Thomas of Canterbury, Thomas a Becket, Thomas Becket, ทอมัส เบ็คเค็ท, นักบุญทอมัส เบ็คเค็ท, St. Thomas Becket (th); 湯姆·貝克特 (zh); Thomas Beckett (da); Tomàs Becket, Tomàs Canturienc, Tomàs de Canterbury (ca); トーマス・ベケット (ja); Бекет Томас, Томас Бекет (uk); Thoumas Béqùet (nrm); Thomas à Becket, Thomas a Becket, Becket, Thomas av Canterbury (sv); Thomas Becket (pl); תומס בקט (he); Toma Becket (sh); Thomas Becket (la); Thomas a Becket, Thomas à Becket, Thomas van Kantelberg, Sint-Thomas van Kantelberg (nl); Thomas à Becket (cy); Thomas à Becket, San Tommaso da Canterbury, San Tommaso di Canterbury, San Thomas Becket, Thomas Becket, San Tommaso Becket, Thomas Beckett, Tommaso di Canterbury (it); Saint Thomas à Becket, Saint Thomas a Becket, Thomas the Martyr, à Becket, Saint Thomas, Thomas À Becket, Saint Thomas Becket, Thomas of London, Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket, St. Thomas Becket, Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Thomas of Canterbury (en); Sankta Tomaso Becket, Tomaso Becket (eo); Θωμάς Μπέκετ (el); Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Thomas the Martyr (en-gb)
Thomas Becket 
Chancellor of England, Archbishop of Canterbury, saint
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Date of birthc. 21 December 1119
Cheapside (Kingdom of England)
Date of death29 December 1170
Canterbury Cathedral (Kent, Kingdom of England)
Manner of death
  • homicide
Place of burial
Country of citizenship
Educated at
Position held
  • Catholic bishop (1162–)
  • Roman Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury (1162–1170)
  • Gilbert Becket
Authority control
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