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Thomas Organ Company is a manufacturer of electronic keyboards and a one-time holder of the manufacturing rights to the Moog synthesizer. The Company was a force behind early electronic organs for the home.

Founded by Edward G. Thomas as the "Thomas Organ & Piano Co." in 1875, the company's first instruments were pipe organs, moving later to pump organs. In the early 1950s, George Thomas invented the Thomas electronic organ with its single manual and ten stops. Thomas reorganized the company in 1956 into the Thomas Organ Company of Sepulveda, California.

Popular kit versions were made available via Heathkit and fully assembled versions under the Silvertone brand were sold by Sears, Roebuck and Company.

Thomas Organ Company went out of business in 1979. It was later resurrected in 1997 as a premier manufacturer of digital keyboards and headed by Bob Ralston.

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