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English: Tile sets are sets of images which are combined to form a single image. They're typically used for very high-resolution (e.g. gigapixel) images where technical limitations, such as the 65536 maximum width/height of a JPEG file, prevent distributing the image as a single file. Images in a tile set should be tagged with and have an appropriate table linking to all tiles in the set. All tiles in a single set should be grouped in a category.

For creating gigapixel-size images, the most straightforward strategy is to use a robotic tripod head (e.g. GigaPan EPIC Pro) with an existing camera. Using a telephoto lens you can create gigapixel images of landscapes; using a macro lens you can create gigapixel images of nearer objects such as paintings and sculptures.

For tile sets of works that are in the public domain in the US, but not their source country, see en:Category:Tile sets.

Different from Category:Sprites (computer graphics).


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