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English: Titus Flavius Sabinus (c. 20 BC - aft. 9, fl. 1st century BC to 1st century AD) was the son of Titus Flavius Petro and wife ... Tertulla. He was an Equestrian from Reate (modern Rieti) in the Sabine region of Italy. He served as a customs official and then as a banker in the customs in the province of Asia, where he was honoured with statues dedicated "To an Honest Tax-gatherer", and later as a banker at Aventicum among the Helvetii in Gaul, where he died. With his wife, Vespasia Polla, he had two sons, the consul Titus Flavius Sabinus and the future emperor Vespasian, and a daughter who died in infancy, Flavia Vespasia.

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