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English: The tomb of Kong Hongxu (孔弘绪, 1448-1503), a 61st-generation Duke Yansheng (since 6 Jingtai, i.e. 1455 AD), also known as Nanxi Xiansheng ("Mr. South Creek"). He became Duke Yansheng in 6 Jingtai (1455 AD), but was reduced to the commoner status in 5 Chenghua (1469 AD) due to his illegal activities, after which the duchy was transferred to his brother, Kong Hongtai.

The tomb is located in the Ming section of the Cemetery of Confucius. As usual for Dukes of Yansheng of the period, the ensemble of the spirit way includes (from S to N), the following:

  • 3 pairs of animals (felines, rams, and horses);
  • a bixi turtle, which has lost its stele by now;
  • a pair of human statues (a warrior on the west side of the path, a civil official on the east side),
  • a stele in front of the (now mostly vanished) tomb mound. The tomb stele says "六十一代袭封衍圣公南溪先生墓", i.e. "The grave of the 61st-generation Duke Yansheng, Mr. Nan Xi", and is dated 2 Zhengde (1507 AD). It is described as item 117 in the Ming chapter of: 石头上的儒家文献-曲阜的碑文录 (Confucian writing in stone: a catalog of inscriptions on Qufu's steles), volume 1, 齐鲁书社 (Jinlu Shushe), 2001, ISBN 7-5333-0781-X, page 468. According to the book, it is 3.95 m tall (including the dragon crown, 1.1 m tall), 1.24 m wide and 0.42 m thick.
  • There is also a pillar west of the turtle.
The tomb and spirit way of Kong Hongxu's father, Kong Chengqing, is to the southeast of Kong Hongxu's. Kong Hongxu's brother Kong Hongtai, who became Duke Yansheng after the dismissal of Kong Hongxu, has his similarly composed spirit way to the west of Kong Hongxu's.
中文(简体)‎: 孔弘绪墓。
墓前石碑篆书“六十一代袭封衍圣公南溪先生墓”。(photo 167)

(Source: 孔弘绪墓)