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English: The tomb of Kong Shangxian, also known as Longyu (龙宇, "Dragon World"), a 64th generation Duke Yansheng. His well preserved spirit way includes (south to north) a pair of pillars, one pair of each of felines, rams, and horses, a pair of stone men (warrior on the west, civil official on the east), a stone "pot" (for burning incense sticks?), a tall stele with the inscription "六十四代赠太子太傅袭封衍圣公龙宇先生之墓" in seal script, and another stele. The tomb of Kong Shangxian's father, Kong Zhengan, is just to the east.
中文(简体)‎: 孔尚贤墓
位于孔贞 墓南偏西约50米处。封土东西20.00米,南北17.00米,高2.00米,为中小型坟冢。

(Source: 孔尚贤墓 )