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This category is about Tomoe in general. Per family crest vedi Category:Tomoe mon (Japanese crests of Tomoe).
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tomoe (es); tomoe (fr); Томоэ (ru); Tomoe (de); Tomoe (pt); توموئه (fa); 巴型 (zh); 巴 (ja); Tomoe (nb); tomoe (nl); 巴紋 (zh-hant); tomoe (ca); Tomoe (br); 토모에 (ko); tomoe (en); tomoe (it); 巴纹 (zh-hans); Tomoe (cs) archaic form (en); japonský bůh klidu,hněvu, moudrosti a ochrany (cs); archaic form (en) 巴(日本紋樣) (zh-hant); 巴(日本纹样) (zh-hans); 結城巴 (zh)

The Japanese Tomoe (巴) is the symbol of gem (勾玉), soul (魂), spirit (精霊) and energy (心霊).

NOTE: This category is reserved for Tomoe (three-comma designs -- and occasional two-comma and four-comma designs -- derived from Japanese culture or closely-neighboring cultures). See also Tàijí (太極) for the circle-filling yin-yang (陰陽).


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