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English: Images which have been converted from High Dynamic Range (HDR) to Low Dynamic Range using tone mapping.
Please note
Images that have been merged from several exposures without creating an intermediate HDR image and without the use of tone mapping (so-called Exposure Blending or “Pseudo-HDR”) should not be in this category.
Deutsch: Fotos die von High Dynamic Range (HDR) in Low Dynamic Range mittels Tone Mapping konvertiert wurden.
Mapeo tonal (es); トーンマッピング (ja); Mappage de ton local (fr); Tone mapping (sv); Tone mapping (pl); tone mapping (nb); Mapatge tonal (ca); מיפוי גוונים (he); Tone Mapping (de); Tonemapping (fi); tone mapping (en); Тональне відображення (uk); 色调映射 (zh); Tone mapping (da) image processing technique (en); image processing technique (en) Tone-Mapping, Tone Reproduction, Dynamikkompression (de)
Mappage de ton local 
image processing technique
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