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DomainEukaryota • RegnumFungi • PhylumAscomycota • SubphylumSaccharomycotina • ClassisSaccharomycetes • OrdoSaccharomycetales • FamiliaSaccharomycetaceae • Genus: Torulaspora Lindner 1904
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Type species Torulaspora delbrueckii  (Lindner) E.K. Novák & Zsolt [as 'Delbrücki'] (1961)

Included species (for Index Fungorum):
T. alkoholi, T. benedictae, T. cidri, T. delbrueckii, T. fermentati, T. globosa, T. inconspicua, T. indica, T. maleeae, T. mongolica, T. nilssonii, T. pretoriensis, T. quercuum, T. rosei, T. vafer
Included species (for NCBI):
T. delbrueckii, T. franciscae, T. globosa, T. maleeae, T. microellipsoides, T. pretoriensis, T. quercuum


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