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This category lists categories of the specific Trainz Railroad simulator, a family of first beta tested in late 2000— the long running series of successive backward compatible Trainz Railway simulators (or 'Trainz Railroad simulators') software images and screenshots.

  • Trainz retailed releases and service packs installed are individual builds (technology plateaus) with somewhat different (but improved) capabilities in trainz version numbers with individually different ascending code build numbers.
  • Many of these images are used in describing and explaining these complex software packages in Wikibooks tutorials on the software; others are 'blanks' so other language Wikibooks can annotate and translate the en.Wikibook into their language.
  • Accordingly many unannotated or Blank images not used in the 'English language 'Trainz Wikibook' are archived here for adaptations into other language wiki projects.
  • Items listed in this and subordinate categories are classified and licensed under the explicit license tagged and asserted by agreement between N3V Games and the Wikimedia Foundation in the Template:Trainz Image.
The Trainz subcategories can be found off This Parent Category, and as can be seen, sub-categories are oriented towards the How-To expositions in the various languages Trainz Wikibooks divisions.
 currently these are:    [e]
     category:Trainz Asset Generation      category:Trainz Asset Maintenance      category:Trainz Asset Repairing
     category:Trainz maps screenshots      category:Trainz panoramas      *category:Trainz images also in videos
     category:Trainz Use Tutorials      category:Trainz     * category:Trainz Content Manager
     category:Text-only screenshots of Trainz      *category:Trainz_Driver_screenshots      *category:Trainz_Surveyor_screenshots

and resources in category:Trainz templates
 Asterisked categories (* or **) are sub-categories of the others child-parent categories listed.


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