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English: Tramontane (Tramuntana, Tramontana) is a classical name for a northern wind. The exact form of the name and precise direction varies from country to country. The word came to English from Italian tramontana, which developed from Latin trānsmontānus (trāns- + montānus), "beyond the mountains/across the mountains", referring to the alps in the North of Italy. The word has other non-wind-related senses: it can refer to anything that comes from, or anyone who lives on, the other side of mountains, or even more generally, anything seen as foreign, strange, or even barbarous.
Français : La tramontane est le nom féminin d'un vent.
Italiano: La tramontana è un vento freddo proveniente da nord. Tale direzione è indicata simbolicamente nella cosiddetta rosa dei venti. In Italia è particolarmente frequente in Liguria, dove spira con violenza prevalentemente allo sbocco delle valli, soprattutto in inverno causa repentini e considerevoli cali di temperatura.
<nowiki>tramontana; Tramontana; Tramuntana; Tramontana; tramuntana; Tramontane; Tramontane; Sover; Veriu (erë); Трамонтана; ტრამონტანა; トラモンタン; Трамонтана; Tramontane; Tramontana; Tresmontana; Tramontane; Tramontana; Tramuntana; Tramontana; Трамонтана; Трамонтана; tramontana; Tramontana; ट्रमोंटेन; tramontane; Tramontana; Tramontane; Tramontana; Tramontana; Tramontana; Трамонтана; Tramontana; Tramontane; Tramontana; ترامونتان; Τραμουντάνα; tramontano; viento frío del noreste o norte en España; Fallwind; északi szél; Vento del Nord; wind; nom donné à plusieurs vents de Méditerranée occidentale; भूमध्य सागरीय क्षेत्र में उत्तर से आवे वाली हवा; vent; ट्रामोंटेन; トラムンターナ; トラモンターナ; Puija; Tramontana; Tramontane; Tramontana; Tramuntana; تراموننتان</nowiki>
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