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Initially independent Ukraine allowed postage stamps of czarist Russia to be postally used. On 20 August 1918, the Ukrainian Postal Ministry ordered all postage stamps, used on Ukrainian territory, to be overprinted with the national emblem the trident. After 1 October 1918, Russian stamps became invalid without this overprint.

Ukraine had six postal districts: Kiev, Poltava, Katerynoslav (now Dnipropetrovsk), Kharkiv, Odessa, and Podillia. Each district utilized a number of distinct overprinting devices. Trident-overprinted provisionals thus varied in size, color, and form. About seventy-five basic overprints with at least fifty variants are identified, including local ones. The total number of different types of overprints is estimated to exceed 1,500.

The latest authenticated date of usage is on an Odesa postal card from Pryvilne to Kharkiv dated 8 February 1926.


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