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Català: Trifori
Čeština: Triforium
Deutsch: Triforium
Español: Triforio
Français : Triforium
Italiano: Triforio
Nederlands: Triforium
Norsk bokmål: Triforium
Polski: Triforium
Português: Trifório
Slovenčina: Trifórium
Svenska: Triforium

A Triforium, triforia in plural, is a shallow gallery of arches within the thickness of inner wall, which stands above the nave in a Church or Cathedral. It may occur at the level of the clerestory windows, or it may be located as a separate level below the clerestory. It may itself have an outer wall of glass rather than stone.

<nowiki>Triforio; Трифорий; trifórium; Triforium; Trifoorium; Triforio; Triforium; Triforium; trifori; Triforium; Triforium; Trifório; upflor; triforium; Triforio; Trifoarium; Triforiu; トリフォリウム; Trifórium; טריפוריום; Triforium; Triforium; Трифорій; triforium; ระเบียงเหนือทางเดินข้าง; Triforium; Triforij; Triforium; Triforio; Triforio; Triforium; Трыфорыум; élément d'architecture; kirkkoarkkitehtuurin elementti; area of a church or cathedral; Bauelement meist eines Kirchengebäudes oder einer Kathedrale; area of a church or cathedral; Triforium; Triphorium; Triforium; ระเบียงแนบ; Tryforium; Triforie; Triforium; Triforia; Triforium; Triforio</nowiki>
area of a church or cathedral
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