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Deutsch: Als Troika (Dreigespann) wird eine besonders für Russland typische Bespannung von Wagen oder Schlitten mit drei Pferden bezeichnet.
Trojka (it); trojka (hu); troika (et); тройка лошадей (ru); Troika (de); trojka (sr-el); тројка (sr-ec); Troika (af); тројка (sr); Troyka (tr); トロイカ (ja); Τρόικα (el); Trojka (nl); Trojka (sv); Trojka (pl); טרוייקה (he); Troyka (at qoşqusu) (az); ترويكا (ar); Troika (es); Troïka (fr); Troikka (fi); troika (en); Trojko (eo); Trojka (cs); Трійка коней (uk) mezzo di trasporto a cavallo (it); voiture hippomobile à 3 chevaux (fr); kolmehobuserakend (et); pojazd konny (pl); voertuig (nl); Anspannungsweise für Fuhrwerke oder Schlitten (de); ruska kola ili sanke sa zapregom od 3 konja (sr-el); carriage pulled by three beasts of burden (en); руска кола или санке са запрегом од 3 коња (sr-ec); perinteinen venäläinen kolmivaljas (fi); руска кола или санке са запрегом од 3 коња (sr) Русская тройка, Тройка (ru); Vene troika (et); Trojkan (sv); الترويكا (ar); Ruská trojka (cs); Тройка (sr)
carriage pulled by three beasts of burden
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Troika (тройка in Russian) is a three-horse drawn sled or carriage that entered vogue in Russia at the start of the 19th century and became a widespread subject of paintings. It is distinguishable from normal three-abreast arrangements by that the middle horse is tacked in shaft bow harness, while the side horses are not. The preferable style to drive a troika would be such that the side horses are at canter or gallop, and the middle one at trot.


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