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Jörger et al. (2010): DomainEukaryota • RegnumAnimalia • SubregnumEumetazoa • CladusBilateria • SuperphylumProtostomia • PhylumMollusca • ClassisGastropoda • CladusOrthogastropoda • CladusHeterobranchia • CladusEuthyneura • CladusPanpulmonata • SuperfamiliaPyramidelloidea • FamiliaPyramidellidae • Genus: Tropaeas Dall & Bartsch, 1904
Elusa A. Adams, 1861 (from WoRMS)
Tropeas (sic) (from WoRMS)
 Vernacular names
No common name has yet been provided in this category. (No wikidata item is associated with this category)
Included species (for BioLib):
T. badius, T. castaneus, T. gracilis, T. imperforata, T. lanassae, T. latonae, T. strigatula, T. subulata
Included species (for Catalogue of Life & WoRMS):
T. badia, T. brunneomaculata, T. castanea, T. crassicostata, T. enelata, T. gracilis, T. halaibensis, T. imperforata, T. livida, T. luteomaculosa, T. natalensis, T. strigulata, T. subulata


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