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  • AR-670-1
  • 28–23. Regimental distinctive insignia

a. Authorization. Regimental distinctive insignia (RDI) of a design approved by the Institute of Heraldry, U.S. Army, are authorized and prescribed for wear by all soldiers affiliated with a regiment or whole-corps regiment, as described in AR 600–82 and NGR 600–82.

  • AR 600-82 US Army Regimental Systems
  • Chapter 3 Combat Arms
  • 3-1 Combat Arms
  • 3-1. Concept

The combat arms will include

  1. Air Defense
  2. Artillery,
  3. Armor,
  4. Aviation,
  5. Cavalry,
  6. Corps of Engineers,
  7. Field Artillery, and
  8. Infantry Regiments.
  • Chapter 4 Combat Support/Combat Service Support/Special Branch
  • 4-1. Concept

The primary thrust of the CS/CSS/Special Branch Regimental Plan is to fully integrate the CS/CSS/special branches into the USARS. All branches will retain their "Corps" titles and implement as "whole branches." However, it is the responsibility of all proponents to incorporate within their Corps the intent and spirit of the Regimental System which is to provide for soldier opportunity and professional development, and for affiliation/association which is meaningful to the soldier.

  • 4-2. Branches within the CS/CSS/Special Branch Regimental System:
  1. Adjutant General's Corps.
  2. Chaplain's Corps.
  3. Chemical Corps.
  4. Corps of Engineers. (Combat arms branch, adopting the "whole branch" Corps concept.)
  5. Finance Corps.
  6. Judge Advocate General's Corps.
  7. Army Medical Department.
  8. Military Intelligence Corps.
  9. Military Police Corps.
  10. Ordnance Corps.
  11. Quartermaster Corps.
  12. Signal Corps.
  13. Transportation Corps.

NG 600-82 US Army Regimental System - Army National Guard\

  • Note: a Category Tree will be assembled for Combat Arms units as soon as their Regimental Insignia are issued.


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