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English: Nyota Uhura is a character in the Star Trek media franchise. Uhura was first played by Nichelle Nichols as a supporting character in the original Star Trek series. Nichols voiced Uhura in the animated Star Trek series and appeared in the first six Star Trek movies. Zoe Saldana portrayed a younger version of the character in the 2009 Star Trek film (in which the character's first name, "Nyota", was revealed on-screen for the first time) and its sequels. Other actors have played the character in fan-created media, and the character has been the subject of multiple spoofs and satires. Uhura also appears in numerous books, comics, and video games. The character has been praised as a role model for women and people of African descent.
Nyota Uhura (es); Uhura (hu); Nyota Uhura (eu); Нийота Ухура (ru); Nyota Uhura (de); Uhura (pt); Nyota Uhura (ca); 妮歐塔·烏瑚拉 (zh); 妮欧塔·乌乎拉 (zh-hans); ნიოტა უჰურა (ka); ウフーラ (ja); ניוטה אוהורה (he); 妮歐塔·烏瑚拉 (zh-hk); Uhura (sv); Nyota Uhura (pl); Нійота Ухура (uk); Nyota Uhura (nl); 妮歐塔·烏瑚拉 (zh-hant); Uhura (it); Nyota Uhura (fr); 우후라 (ko); Uhura (en); Nyota Uhura (eo); Nyota Uhura (cs); Uhura (ro) Personaje ficticio de Star Trek (es); a Star Trek elképzelt univerzumának egyik szereplője (hu); fiktiver Charakter (de); Star Trek character (en); דמות בדיונית (he); fiktivní postava ze Star Treku (cs); personage uit Star Trek: The Original Series (nl) Uhura (es); Nyota Uhura (hu); Ухура, Нийота, Ухура, Ниота Ухура (ru); Uhura, Lt. Uhura (de); Nyota Uhura (pt); 乌乎拉, 妮歐塔·烏蘇拉, 妮欧塔·乌乎拉, 烏瑚拉 (zh); Nyota Uhura (ro); ウーラ (ja); Uhura (pl); Ухура (uk); אוהורה, לוטננט או'הורה, לוטננט-קומנדר אוהורה, או'הורה, ניוטה או'הרה, קפטן או'הורה, קומנדר או'הורה, Uhura, לוטננט אוהורה, קומנדר אוהורה (he); Nyota Uhura (it); 니오타 우후라 (ko); Nyota Uhura (en); Nyota Penda Uhura, Nichelle Nichols, Uhura (eo); Uhura (cs); Uhura (fr)
Star Trek character
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Present in work
  • A Flag Full Of Stars
  • A Taste of Armageddon
  • Albatross
  • Amok Time
  • Assignment: Eternity
  • Battlestations!
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  • Best Destiny
  • Beyond the Farthest Star
  • Black Fire
  • Bloodthirst
  • Chain of Attack
  • Charlie's Law
  • Cloak
  • Corona
  • Crisis on Centaurus
  • Crossroad
  • Day of the Dove
  • Death Count
  • Death's Angel
  • Deep Domain
  • Demons
  • Devil World
  • Doctor's Orders
  • Double, Double
  • Dreams Of The Raven
  • Dwellers in the Crucible
  • Enemy Unseen
  • Enterprise: The First Adventure
  • Faces of Fire
  • Federation
  • Final Frontier
  • Firestorm
  • First Frontier
  • First Strike
  • For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
  • From The Depths
  • Ghost Walker
  • Harbinger
  • Home Is The Hunter
  • How Much For Just The Planet?
  • Ice Trap
  • In Tempest's Wake
  • Is There in Truth No Beauty?
  • Ishmael
  • Killing time
  • Legacy
  • Memory Prime
  • More Tribbles, More Troubles
  • Mudd in Your Eye
  • Mudd's Women
  • Mutiny on the Enterprise
  • My Enemy, My Ally
  • Once Upon a Planet
  • Operation – Annihilate!
  • Pawns and Symbols
  • Perry's Planet
  • Planet Of Judgment
  • Plato's Stepchildren
  • Prime Directive
  • Probe
  • Recovery
  • Renegade
  • Rules Of Engagement
  • Sanctuary
  • Shadow Lord
  • Shadows On The Sun
  • Shell Game
  • Spock Must Die!
  • Spock's World
  • Spock, Messiah!
  • Star Trek Trexels
  • Star Trek: Starship Creator
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Storming Heaven
  • Strangers from the Sky
  • Surprise!
  • That Which Survives
  • The Abode of Life
  • The Ambergris Element
  • The Ashes Of Eden
  • The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard
  • The Badlands, Book One
  • The Better Man
  • The City on the Edge of Forever
  • The Corbomite Maneuver
  • The Counter-Clock Incident
  • The Counter-Clock Incident
  • The Covenant of the Crown
  • The Cry Of The Onlies
  • The Disinherited
  • The Enemy Within
  • The Entropy Effect
  • The Eye of the Beholder
  • The Fate Of The Phoenix
  • The Fearful Summons
  • The Final Nexus
  • The Final Reflection
  • The Galactic Whirlpool
  • The Galileo Seven
  • The Great Starship Race
  • The IDIC Epidemic
  • The Joy Machine
  • The Klingon Gambit
  • The Kobayashi Maru
  • The Lost Years
  • The Man Trap
  • The Naked Time
  • The Pandora Principle
  • The Paradise Syndrome
  • The Patrian Transgression
  • The Price Of The Phoenix
  • The Prometheus Design
  • The Rift
  • The Rings Of Tautee
  • The Search for Spock
  • The Slaver Weapon
  • The Star Trek Book
  • The Starless World
  • The Starship Trap
  • The Survivor
  • The Tears of the Singers
  • The Tholian Web
  • The Three-Minute Universe
  • The Time Trap
  • The Trellisane Confrontation
  • The Undiscovered Country
  • The Voyage Home
  • The Vulcan Academy Murders
  • The Wounded Sky
  • The Wrath of Khan
  • Time for Yesterday
  • Timetrap
  • Traitor Winds
  • Treaty's Law
  • Trek to Madworld
  • Trials and Tribble-Ations
  • Twilight's End
  • Uhura's Song
  • Vulcan!
  • Web of the Romulans
  • Who Mourns for Adonais?
  • Windows On A Lost World
  • Wink of an Eye
  • World Without End
  • Yesterday's Son
  • Star Trek: The Original Series
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