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Valued image seal.svg This category is part of the Valued images project.
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Valued image set candidate subpages in this category has been closed as undecided, meaning that either it was unassesed during the course of the nomination period or it did not gain a majority vote in the most previous review. Any candidate page here can be re-nominated as a VISC. Here is the procedure to follow when renominating an undecided VISC:

  1. Find the subpage of you nomination in this category. The subpage pages are ordered by the date of the previous nomination (oldest first). Edit the VISC subpage as follows
  2. Replace the date of the previous nomination by copy and pasting
  1. over the existing data parameter.
  2. If the nominator parameter differs from your own user name, copy and paste (note only three tilde characters)
  1. over the existing nominator parameter
  2. Change the status parameter to "nominated"
  1. Archive the previous review as follows
    1. In the beginning of the review parameter substitute an archive template as follows
... The latest review follows here
    1. Select and cut the lastest review
    2. Save the page
    3. Click the red Previous reviews link and paste in the latest review
    4. Save the archive subpage
  1. The VISC subpage is now ready to be renominated (and will now dissapear from this category and appear in Category:Nominated valued image set candidates instead). To re-add it to the candidates list do the following
  2. Copy the page name of the nomination.
  3. Edit the set candidates list and transclude the subpage as the last entry in the list.

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