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English: Previously deleted files entering into Public domain in 2025 and requested for undeletion at that time.

Note: If you are basing the date on "70 years after the death of the author", note that according to the legal definition copyright always expires on 31st December of the calendar year of death. So, the file becomes copyright free on 1st January of the following year. The correct year category to use is thus Year of Death + 70 + 1 unless the country of origin has a copyright term of less, or more, then 70 years.

Important: You must include the deletion request subpage in the category, not the image itself, as a deleted file will not show up in the category. Alternatively, just add the name of the file to the category.

Other files to restore[edit]

Bolesław Biegas (1877-1954)
File:Plock74 DSC1046.JPG
File:Plock7 DSC0020.JPG
File:Plock6 DSC0018.JPG
Pierre Curillon (1866-1954)
File:Le monument du Centenaire de 1814 à Tournus.JPG
Frédéric Gadmer (1878-1954)
René Iché (1897-1954)
File:MAM d'Ouveillan de René Iché.jpg
George Edward Lodge (1860-1954)
File:Extinctbirds1907 P2 Necropsar rodericanus cropped.png
Henri Matisse (1869-1954)
File:Henri Matisse "La Odalisca con Pantalón rojo" (1925) Óleo sobre tela; 60,5 x 73,5 cm.jpg
File:Matisse vue tanger.jpeg
Armando Reverón (1889-1954)
File:Armando Reverón -Paisaje.jpg

Chaim Soutine (1893-1943) (if post-1922 works because URAA)

Portrait of a Boy by Chaim Soutine, 1920s - Worcester Art Museum - IMG 7127.JPG (Could be from 1920 and PD already. Waiting until 2025 could be overkill.)
Ludwik Szczepański (1872-1954)
File:Ziemia Polska w piesni 232.jpg
Wisznicki, Mikołaj (1870–1954)
File:PL Jachowicz Bajki i powiastki 001.jpeg
File:PL Jachowicz Bajki i powiastki 015.jpeg
File:PL Jachowicz Bajki i powiastki 025.jpeg
File:PL Jachowicz Bajki i powiastki 033.jpeg
File:PL Jachowicz Bajki i powiastki 041.jpeg
File:PL Jachowicz Bajki i powiastki 053.jpeg
File:PL Jachowicz Bajki i powiastki 061.jpeg
File:PL Jachowicz Bajki i powiastki 091.jpeg
File:PL Jachowicz Bajki i powiastki 139.jpeg
Russell Parsons Jameson (1878-…1954)
File:Jameson - Montesquieu et l'esclavage.djvu


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