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アメリカ合衆国食品局; United States Food Administration; United States Food Administration; 美國食品局; United States Food Administration; former US federal agency (1917–1920); former US federal agency (1917–1920)
former US federal agency (1917–1920)
"Member of the United States Food Administration. Please Hang This Card In Your Front Window.", ca. 1917 - ca. 1919 - NARA - 512510.jpg
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English: The United States Food Administration (1917–1920) was an independent Federal agency that controlled the production and distribution of food in the U.S. during World War I. Herbert Hoover was appointed to direct the agency.
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    Excerpt: Branch Administrations were set up in every State and in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. … The Food Administration was given broad powers to control the production, distribution, and conservation of food. It also had responsibilities for preventing monopolies and hoarding and maintaining governmental control of foods by means of voluntary agreements and a licensing system for the importation, manufacture, storage, and distribution of foodstuffs.… At the height of its activities, in September 1918, there were 44 divisions.
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