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In this category are all images whose license-status is missing. Images that have been in this category for more than a week can be speedy deleted according to the deletion policy.

You can add files to the proper subcategory of this page with one of the following templates:

  • {{subst:nsd}}, which gives {{no source since|month=June|day=18|year=2024}}
  • {{subst:nld}}, which gives {{no license|month=June|day=18|year=2024}}
  • {{subst:npd}}, which gives {{no permission since|month=June|day=18|year=2024}}

Be sure to notify the uploader if you tag an image! Tag the image with the day you discovered it, not the day it was uploaded.

This is an automatically filled maintenance category. Do not manually sort here. For other missing information such as unknown subject of media or lack of description, see Category:Media missing information.

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