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License review (list of reviewers)

This category contains images from (formerly "IndiaFM") marked with {{Cc-by-3.0-BollywoodHungama}} that have not yet been reviewed by an administrator or trusted user.

To reviewer[edit]

  1. The owner of grants permission CC-BY-3.0 by OTRS #2008030310010794, with the condition that the site is attributed and a direct link running to the source on their site is provided.
  2. Only images taken by their own exclusive photographers is under CC-BY-3.0. Other images are copyrighted.
  3. So make sure the image is NOT a screenshot, wallpaper or promotional poster.

If image passes review[edit]

You mark the file as reviewed by adding "|status=confirmed|reviewer=~~~". Example:


If image fails review[edit]

You can just add a "no permission".