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Note: Experienced commons users discourage the use of files from this category, as those are either of lower resolution than available ones for the same piece of art, or of doubtful quality, e.g. for not having been identified. See message box in respective file description.

These files however do not meet the criteria for speedy deletion, and some of them might be of encyclopedical use after having been checked and described more carefully than as-is.

In case some file just shows up here for not having been identified, but you can identify it and provide either the F or JH number of the shown piece, please ...

  • describe it using template {{Artwork}} and
  • categorize it under the appropriate one of the following subcategories:
Category:Van Gogh 1883 and earlier
Category:Van Gogh 1884-1885
Category:Van Gogh 1886-1887 Paris
Category:Van Gogh 1888-1889 Arles
Category:Van Gogh 1889-1890 Saint-Rémy
Category:Van Gogh 1890 Auvers
  • and remove template:VG_doubt from the file, which will remove such file from this category.

In case you feel that one or more of the files here should be deleted, you're welcome to make a deletion request.

In case you want to add a doubtful van Gogh file to this category, please use {{VG doubt}} at the top of the file description page as follows:

{{VG_doubt|Give evidence or a reason; link, if possible, to an alternative file which is less doubtful; sign ~~~~}}.

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